Солнце тоже звезда (2019) (The Sun Is Also a Star)

Love is a universe all of its own
Драма / Романтика • 100 минут
В ролях: Yara Shahidi Charles Melton Gbenga Akinnagbe Miriam A. Hyman Jake Choi Cathy Shim Keong Sim Jordan Williams и другие.
Выпущен • 16 мая 2019 г.

Two young New Yorkers begin to fall in love over the course of a single day, as a series of potentially life-altering meetings loom over their heads - hers concerning her family’s deportation to Jamaica, and his concerning an education at Dartmouth.

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A.K.A. CN: 太阳也是星星  DE: The Sun is Also a Star  ES: El sol también es una estrella  FR: Mon étoile solaire  PT: The Sun is Also a Star  RU: Солнце тоже звезда